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Welcome to our Family Hotel Andreas Hofer in Pitztal

Here in Pitztal, we are always looking forward to welcome you!

Our 4-star Hotel Andreas Hofer, ideal for families and wellness vacationers, lies at the Pitztal valley head, surrounded by a snow-covered mountain world and accompanied by glorious views of some fifty 3,000-meter peaks, and right next to the Rifflsee mountain lifts. Our relaxed, comfortable Hotel Andreas Hofer provides an ideal base for your winter holidays with kids, not least because our own practice lift along with the Andreas Hofer Bambini-Kinderland, with great attractions and courses, lie practically right outside our front door. Since 1992, we have been welcoming and pampering guests & friends from around the world at Hotel Andreas Hofer. Hospitality and tradition practically flow through our veins!

Wintertime fun without any hint of stress. Something we guarantee to you at Hotel Andreas Hofer. You will clamp on your skis or board, and away you go. Even your car gets to enjoy a bit of a break, too!

So, what precisely does a perfect ski area, where the whole family can enjoy care- and stress-free winter holidays, actually look like? – No matter what, of course, it has to offer snow conditions you can count on, have lifts that aren’t a long distance away, be traditional and authentic, have a wide selection of pistes and other sporting opportunities AND be a place the kids like to be!
Come with your family to Hotel Andreas Hofer, where you will experience the unique personal service and comforts of a family-run hotel.
If you want to escape the daily routine, enjoy winter to the full, play with your kids out in the snow and spend unforgettable days of skiing – yet still feel completely at home – we will do everything in our power to make your wishes come true!
For you, holidays are also an opportunity to meet different people, get together with others who share the same interests, perhaps even make new friends! If that’s the case, Hotel Andreas Hofer is definitely the place for you.

Pitztal, a ski region where the snow is definitely never in short supply, is ideal for families: No long drives by car or ski bus are ever needed, you can essentially clamp on your skis right outside our front door, and everyone finds their own favorite piste matched perfectly to their personal skiing abilities. And at midday, everyone is bound to meet up again for a spot of lunch at one of the Pitztal ski huts.
Pitztal is the right ski area for everyone wanting to take away an array of positive, unforgettable impressions from their day of skiing, and for whom it’s not that important to chalk up as many pistes as possible. In Pitztal, guests experience a ski area that is 100% in harmony with nature. Nothing artificial on some immense scale has been cobbled together, in order to offer added kilometers of pistes. You won’t need a piste map or an App to navigate the ski area. Instead, we will happily be able to share a few of our own insider tips for some truly magical ski tours and downhill runs! In addition to skiing and snowboarding, our guests have countless other opportunities available to them, such as snowshoeing, ski touring and freeriding, ice climbing etc. Perfect ways, in other words, to get to know every inch of our valley and mountains. Extended walks and winter hikes through fairy-tale, snow-covered Upper Pitztal allow your body to reenergize and feel a sense of pure regeneration. A few hours spent in our hotel’s own Pitz-Vital Resort – a spacious wellness area with its own “Relaxation Garden” as well as massage & beauty treatments – will also do its bit to get your internal batteries topped back up to 100%!

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When you take a vacation in Pitztal, you make friends wherever you go and encounter others who share your interests.

Feel-good moments at Hotel Andreas Hofer

Families are the heart of our society and children are our future. That’s why, here at the Andreas Hofer, we have made it our goal to make you and your children happy in every possible way during your ski vacation.

At Hotel Andreas Hofer, we know what makes children happy. As a consequence, you, the parents, also get to take a bit of a timeout and enjoy some well-earned moments of togetherness and relaxation just for the two of you. Your children will thank you for it, not least because, due to the fantastic child care provided by the team of Hotel Andreas Hofer, they will get to have great fun of their own with the other children at the hotel in Pitzi’s Kids’ Paradise, where they are also certain to make a whole bunch of new friends. Also, our own practice lift right outside the hotel is available for our young guests to use free of charge during the daytime!

Our hotel is very personal and friendly, with a true family atmosphere. And we love nothing more than to hear the laughter of children!
We, Silvia and Thomas along with our entire family and team, look forward to the opportunity of spending a few beautiful, relaxing days together with you at our hotel!
True to our motto “Enjoy your holidays with people you love and who do you good!”, we guarantee that, here with us in Mandarfen, right in the heart of the Rifflsee and Pitztal Glacier ski area, you have found the perfect place for a glorious holiday filled with wellness, recreation and the best winter has to offer!

You come as a stranger, become our guest, and leave as a friend! – That’s what all of our efforts and service are aimed at!

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The moment you arrive, your vacation can begin! Feel completely relaxed, unwind, enjoy, and actively experience nature. This is what 4-star Hotel Andreas Hofer is all about. The location of our family hotel, right across from the Rifflsee lifts and just 2 minutes from the Pitztal glacier, makes us an ideal starting point for any ski & winter holiday in the mountains of Tyrol.
We have furnished our rooms with loving attention to every detail, since we want you to feel right at home from the very first moment on. And of course, our amenities fulfil your every wish when it comes to comforts and conveniences. In this way, when you gently awaken the next morning, you can truly look forward to the day of skiing ahead of you. Our family apartments are specially designed to meet the needs of guests with children.
Whether you wish to get your tired muscles back into shape after a magical-yet-strenuous day of skiing, or simply want to enjoy a true timeout some day, we invite you to take full advantage of our fantastically equipped wellness area known as the Pitz-Vital Resort. Here, with its spacious sauna facilities including a fresh-air grotto, tanning studio and fitness room, you will discover the ideal setting in which to restore yourself mentally and physically. Afterwards, enjoy moments of peace & quiet in our Relaxation Garden.
Our hotel is an oasis of warmth and sincerity. And of course, we wish for our younger guests to want for nothing as well. Fun and action are guaranteed on the 150 m² of our Pitzi Kids’ Paradise. Your children, including the littlest ones, will be looked after by excellent, professional trained kindergarten staff. Together, they will do crafts, bake, sing, play, and simply have a great time together. At Bambini KinderLand, which is located right next to the hotel, your children will playfully learn how to ski.
In the meantime, you, the parents, can enjoy some moments of togetherness; perhaps going skiing or taking a winter hike together, or simply treating yourself to a thorough pampering at the PitzVital Resort.

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